English menu


Nachos, vegetarian or chicken 9,-
‘Bitterballen’: 6 pieces of ’van Dobben’ croquettes served with mustard 5,-
Tortilla chips – with Guacamole, tomato salsa, sour cream (veg) 5,3
Vegetarian spring rolls – 2 pieces with chili sauce 6,-
Bread with 3 different dips (veg.) 5,-
Yakitori : Japanese chicken skewer with Yakitori sauce 6,-

Three course menu from 28,5

Compose your own menu from the dishes below. A supplementary charge may be added to some dishes.


Soup of the day (veg.)

Creamy lobster soup with gruyere, crostini & red pepper rouiile 9,-

Goat cheese salad, grilled goat cheese in filo pastry with pine nuts, honey and croutons (veg.) 9,-

Insalata Caprese with buffalo mozarella, tomato, basil & arugula (veg.) 9,-

Shrimp croquettes – 2 “holtkamp” shrimps croquettes, rouille & crostini  9,-

  Fish cocktail – A mix of smoked salmon and Norwegian shrimps, served with toast and cocktail sauce  9,-

Serranoham with Cantaloupe served with a balsamic sauce 9,-

  Carpaccio – beef on papadum with arugula, parmesan, pine nuts & pesto 9,-

Nachos – from the oven with vegetarian chili, jalapeno’s, cheddar, sour cream, guacamole and tomato salsa 9,-

Vegetarian spring rolls – 3 pieces with Chili sauce 9,-



Ask the staff for the daily changing pasta! 17,5


Imam Bayildi, Roasted eggplant with tomato, green peppers, onion, garlic, feta cheese, rice & salad  17,5

Burrito, chili (kidney bean, corn, bell pepper, jalapeno) cheese, sour cream, guacamole & tomato coriander salsa 17,5

Nut croquettes with parmigiana (eggplant, tomato sauce & cheese), sundried tomato tapenade, salad & French fries 17,5

– FISH –

Black tiger prawns – Served with citronette. salad & French fries 18,5

Homemade smoked salmon skewer –  served with zucchini, sesame mayonnaise, salad & French fries. 18,5

Catch of the day (daily price), please ask our staff for the catch of the day..


Saté chicken thighs with peanut sauce, atjar, sour cucumber & French fries

Spare ribs (pork) with coleslaw, aioli & French fries 17,5 (Large portion :20,5)

Lamb tenderloin with homemade pesto, seasonal vegetables & roseval potatoes 19,5

Pakhuis Burger, 100% beef, smoked bacon, brioche bun, burger sauce, fried red onion & French fries 17,5

  Tenderloin skewer- with red wine sauce,  seasonal vegetables & French fries 17,5  

Venison steak with balsamic sauce, seasonal vegetables & roseval potatoes 19,5

All dishes are served with a side dish. You can always order extra:

French fries with mayonaise 2,8  –  Warm vegetables 3  –   Green Salad 2,5

Pakhuis’ SALADS

Salmon – Smoked salmon, mixed lettuce, seasonaln vegetables & croutons 17,5

Carpaccio – Beef, pesto mayonnaise, parmesan, pine nuts, mixed lettuce, seasonal vegetables & croutons 17,5

Goatcheese – Grilled goatcheese in a filo pastry, pine nuts, honey, mixed lettuce, seasonal vegetables & croutons (veg) 17,5

All salads are served with French fries.


             Coffee with chocolate choice of various coffee’s- bonbon or cream-truffle from “Olala Chocola” 6,-

               Liqueur coffee(+2) (Irish coffee, Kiss of Fire, Italian coffee, et cetera) 7,5

Affogato – Italian coffee: scoop of vanilla ice-cream topped with a warm double espresso 6

Sgroppino – frozen cocktail made of prosecco, lemon ice-cream & vodka 6,-

Dame blanche  3 scoops vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce , slivered almonds and whipped cream 6,-

Moelleux – warm chocolate soufflé with cinnamon ice-cream and whipped cream 6,-

New York cheesecake –  Homemade with a bastion crust & raspberry coulis 6,-

Baklava – 2 different kind of baklava & cinnamon ice cream 6,-

Cheese Platter – three kinds of cheese  9 ,-


We love to try different wines all the time,  so ask our staff for the wine list..


We serve a lot of local beers, from Haarlem and around. Our staff can help you with your choice!


If you want to be sure to have a table we recommend you to make a reservation. Especially in the weekends. You can make your reservation here or send us an email.